A Love Letter From one Broken Heart to Another

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Brave little one, 

Today our broken hearts collided. Today I found out that I am your mommy. Today you are not growing in my tummy, but you are growing in my heart at a pace I didn’t even know was possible. I heard that you have a heart that is very fragile and in need of some fixing. Let me let you in on a secret little one. Me and you are two peas in one pod. My heart is in need of some repair too. Your condition has a fancy and impressive name. Mine, not so much. They told me yours is pretty severe…and well, I’m not the bragging type, but you got pretty stiff competition with this heart over here. It's one that has been bruised by a fallen world, chipped at by insecurity, is tired from a constant fight with selfishness, and is fairly damaged from encounters with fake loves masquerading as heart healers..only to leave it more empty than before. 

It’s funny that today is the day I found out you were mine. It was a huge day for America (not your current homeland so no need to be embarrassed), but there was so much turmoil here little one. When I heard about you I wanted to show them all this new perspective about how you and me, with our broken hearts, were knit together across the globe. I wanted to let them in on our secret and throw out some perspective. The simple truth is this. You have not been sustained by fancy doctors and machines or because of savy technological advances..but there you are, holding on. And I have not been sustained because I happened to have a formula for how to clean out and grow a new heart from a fairly disgusting one, but by God’s grace I too am holding on. God has been our sole sustainer, you and me. We are held together by the one who is bigger than any election, any situation, relationship or physical condition. Through His great mercy alone, our broken hearts continue to beat. He knows the exact number of beats our hearts will take in this blink of a life. He controls the beating of every heart in every human being under this blazing sun (including world leaders who rise and fall like blades of grass). 

...And He alone is the healer of our hearts. 

Today we got one step closer to all kinds of healing, when He brought together the unlikely love of two broken hearts. Here, you will be a candidate for a surgical repair. And you, little one, will no doubt be bringing with you the gift of repair to hearts all around you. In all the unknowns I know this to be absolutely certain. This is the love we were created for; the love that heals our hearts. 

It is a love bigger than ourselves. It is a love that requires sacrifice, a love that is vulnerable to potential heartache, a love that requires grace to think of oneself less and of others more, a love that transcends family genetics to a greater view of what family means, and a love that will stretch our hearts to newer and greater lengths, heights and depths.

…It is the love of Christ. 

So I thank you in advance little one, for how your broken heart will help mend others, including your mommys’. Thank you for reminding us that it is God who numbers our days, God who speaks into being every beat of our hearts, and God who takes our broken hearts of stone and replaces them with a heart of flesh. And to all the broken hearted, we are all candidates for repair, made whole and healed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ. 

 ...the first of many letters from one broken heart to another. I love you little one.

      -Your mommy